Why Butler

CCC and Butler Manufacturing

Why Butler?

CCC and Butler®, Leaders in the Construction and Manufacturing of Pre‑Engineered Metal Buildings and Metal Roofing Systems

Built-In Lifetime Savings
Butler® building assemblies are tested and proven to be more energy-efficient than industry standards, and our buildings are engineered and built to last. Focusing on options that offer energy efficiency and long life spans will help you minimize your total cost of ownership.

Leading Design Capabilities
Butler® has the industry’s most extensive product line and is known for the ability to customize building systems to meet virtually any design need, both aesthetic and functional. 3D design technology, allows us to help you accurately visualize what your new building will look like early in the process helping you identify where adjustments may be needed while the design is still flexible, helping to keep costs down and your project on schedule.

Pioneering Innovation
Thousands of hours of planning, testing, designing, failing, trying again and achieving breakthroughs are just one of the reasons Butler® is the undisputed leader in the metal building and roofing industry. Known for being a company that never stops building. No matter the building location. No matter the building challenge. The result of an unrelenting dedication to helping you build better.

Proven Quality
Butler® building and roofing systems are engineered to exact specifications for higher-quality installation and better building performance.

Dedication to Research and Development
Butler’s history is ripe with innovations that matter. Butler® was founded in 1901 on the idea that we could build a better product, and we’ve been fine-tuning that steel building design expertise for over 120 years. Over the years, Butler® has delivered most of the industry’s major advancements holding more than 50 patents, including the industry’s first weathertight standing-seam metal roof. A commitment to finding better answers and that breaking down boundaries is in Butler’s DNA.

The Bottom Line
No other company in the industry can offer the expertise and experience Butler® has with engineering quality building systems. No other company can match Butler’s track record of delivering game-changing innovations that stay ahead of both the needs of our customers and code mandates. This is the strong foundation that allows CCC and Butler® to help you build a building that delivers, and maintains, true business value.